There is a committee of Breed Education Co-ordinator’s for Pomeranian’s consisting of a representative from each of our breed clubs. The Scottish Breed Education Co-ordinator is Caroline Nixon and she can be contacted at or 01555 893564. The role of the Breed Education Co-ordinator is to co-ordinate breed specific education and support for judges. The Breed Education Co-ordinator will also report annually to The Kennel Club on the education and support that judges have received throughout the year.


The Scottish Pomeranian Club held a Breed Appreciation Day on 13th April 2019. Breed Specialist Lynn Webster gave a talk on the breed standard and a multiple choice exam was held for those looking to progress to Level 2 in line with the new Judges Competency Framework (JCF). It was a successful day and the club would like to thank everyone who attended. Please look out for future educational events on our page.