May 2016 Championship Show

May 2016 Championship Show

The Scottish Pomeranian Club held its Championship Show in May 2016 at Lanark.  The judge was Fredrik Nillson and his critique is as follows:

First I want to thanks the Scottish Pomeranian club to invite me to judge. It was a great honour! Many know that I really appreciate the Poms in The UK, for me this is the correct breed type. I was happy to see many exhibits of this type. But I am a bit worried about some things, most of all regarding the coat. I really hope that the breeders in UK will start to protect their unique lines, to save the type and most important to be really careful to not get in the wrong coats. We have seen this happen in my country, and for many years we have had big problems with the coats and still see the problems, even though it is now better. Many of the breeders in Sweden have gone back to the English bloodlines, and by doing so we have seen an improvement with much better coats and less coat problems. I really hope that breeders in the UK Will start to think about this and take problems with coat more seriously!

Class 1 – Minor puppy dog (6 Entries)
1st: 58 Miss A K Ogilvie Pakov’s Let The Fun Begin Very nice cream male with great attitude. Nice head and expression, strong underjaw, nice eyes and well placed ears. Very good size for his age. Lovely shape, with excellent short back.
2nd. 13 Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy Lireva’s Keep The Dream Alive Orange male puppy, stand and walk very good. Excellent head carriage. Very promising coat.
Class 2 – Puppy dog (5 Entries)
1st74 Mr & Mrs Sparrow Vaders Dragon Emperor With Casarow Cream, very sound to go over. Fantastic coat in very good show condition. Well placed ears of correct size. Nice eyes with excellent size and shape. I would prefer him a little bit shorter in back. Showed himselfexcellent.
2nd. 23 Mrs B Fleetwood Abbeyleigh Dexterity Very nice size, for me a bit heavy. Nice placed ears. Very good coat.
Class 3 – Junior dog (4 Entries)
1st. 14 Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy Lireva’s Tarquin Fly The Bear Very nice general impression,orange sable, on the bigger side. Very good coat with nice over-coat with excellent texture.Very well placed tail that is doing great for the whole silhouette. Nice head and expression. Could prefer a bit higher placed ears.
2nd. 78 Mr. Mrs & Mrs J R & C Stone & Lewis Klassna Day Dreamer For Bilijees Orange male with very nice head, well placed ears with correct size. Compact body with short loin.He could be more sure of himself in the ring.
Class 4 – Novice dog (1 Entries)
1st. 30 Mrs C Holman Altinas Thor Nice dog, 7 months old but coat is still too soft for me. Would prefer higher placement of tail
Class 5 – Postgrad dog (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st. 54 Mrs A Norman Degsy Stargazer Of Alexiasdream Very nice orange male with very good general impressionMasculine head and expression. Very nice well placed ears. Eyes a bit big, excellent coat. Very good high set tail.
2nd. 39 I Johnstone Cairnpapple Surprise Very nice size. Nice head and expression, but eyes a bit bigExcellent bone. The front could be better.
Class 6 – Limit dog (Entries) Abs: 1
1st. 70  Miss E Smail Altina’s Olaf @ Toxbox Cream sable male with excellent size. Very nice head, correct foreface. Would prefer a bit smaller eyes. Excellent coat texture, but he needs more and longer coat for a correct shape. 
2nd. 28 Mrs L Fox Salsapom De Comandante Che Guevqara At Foxlyn Very nice cream male. Nice body. Good head with well placed ears. High set tail. Could be more confident in the ring.
Class 7 – Open dog (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st. 59 Miss A K Ogilvie Pakov’s I’M A Celebrity JW Very nice cream sable male, with excellent size. Very nice head and expression. Very good placed ears of correct size. I wouldprefer a bit smaller eyes with more almond shape. Excellent coat. In open class this little man showed so well but for best male I would like more of him. I really like his shape! RCC
2nd. 31 Mrs C Holman Kamis Mysticall Legend of Brooklyn  Very nice orange sable male. Moving very well with great attitude. Nice head with nice eyes. Not in best coat for the day, I would prefer more over coat.
Class 8 – Veteran dog (1 Entries)
1st. 60 Miss A K Ogilvie Degsy Star Man At Pakov Well keep cream veteran male at 8,5 years old. Excellent size. Nice head. Nice body. Good coat for his age. So nice to see old dogs in good condition 
Class 9 – Minor puppy bitch (10 Entries) Abs: 2
1st. 71 Miss E Smail Toxbox Charlott Rousse Light orange puppy with great attitude, lovedto show. A little star! Very nice to go over, sound and well made. Nice head. Very good tail.Moving very well. Good luck to her in the future. Best Puppy
2nd75 Mr & Mrs Sparrow Raymil Miss You Like Crazy To Casarow Nice general impression, could be a bit shorter, excellent tail. Very nice head and expression.
Class 10 – Puppy bitch (4 Entries)
1st. 72 Miss E Smail Toxbox Madam Shalay Very nice orange bitch, I could prefer a bitshorter. Nice head with excellent eyes, very good nosparti. Good tail. Moving well
2. 79 Mr. Mrs & Mrs J R & C Stone & Lewis Bilijees Dressed In Snow Nice cream puppy on the bigger side. Too long in loin. Very nice head. Still very soft coat. Moving well.
Class 11 – Junior bitch (5 Entries)
1st. 66 Mrs, Miss J & A Pike Baromar Its Sno Surprise To Breezelyn White, nice junior bitch of excellent size. Very nice head, well placed ears. Excellent back. Promising coat, still a bit cream in the white. Excellent presentation.
2nd. 56 Mrs A Norman Abbeyleigh Black Diamond Is Alexiasdream Black junior bitch on the bigger side. A bit too much in head, could have a better bite. Enough short back.
Class 12 – Novice bitch (2 Entries)
1st. 33 Mrs C Holman Rebhanna Wander Lust At Altina Cream sable bitch, very good size. Could be shorter in back. Feminine head but a bit long foreface, very good ears and nice eyes. Out of coat, but good coat quality.
2nd. 37 Miss R E James Angelrock’s Shake My Martini White bitch, a bit long in body. Ok head, very good eyes, a bit long in foreface. Well placed tail. Good coat quality, could be a bitclearer in colour.
Class 13 – Post-grad bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 2
1st. 51 Miss & Mrs Nixon Kazpom Spill The Beans Very nice orange. Short, compact body.Very nice head with excellent ears and eyes. Very good coat, of right quality. Carrying her tell very well
2nd16 Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy Lireva’s The Beautiful South Clear orange, a bit long in body, but head in excellent position on the move and standing. A bit long in loin. Very good coat and quality.
Class 14 – Limit bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st. 81 Mrs K Wright Toxbox Dot Pom Sh Cm Very nice orangeof very good type. Excellent head, well placed ears of good size. Very nice foreface. Excellent set of tail. Front ok.
2nd68 Mrs,Miss J & A. Pike Breezelyn Pimms O’clock Orange sable. Nice head, well placed ears. Very good pigmentation. Could be a bit shorter in the back.
Class 15 – Open bitch (6 Entries)
1st. Maatthews handling for Cawther-Purdie Lireva’s To Hell An Black JW 5 years old black bitch, very sound and excellent proportions, when her coat is back she is going to be a star. Standing well on her legs with the correct length of legs. Lovely head and expression, nice eyes and very good placement of her ears. Showing with great attitude, like a Pomeranianshould be doing! RCC
2nd18 Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy Lireva’s I’M Mini The Mouse Orange, very nice bitch, could be a bit shorter. Excellent coat. Very happy in the ring, crazy little girl. Moving well.
Class 16 – Rosegrange Memorial Veteran bitch (Entries)
1st19 Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy Lireva’s Cast An Net 7 years old, in excellent condition. Standing on her legs perfectly, with correct length of legs. Beautiful head and expression, very nice eyes and well placed ears. Excellent foreface. Carrying her tail wellBeautiful coat, of the correct texture. Showing and moving so well. CC BOS Reserve Best in Show
Class 17  Special Black/cream (2 Entries)
1st. 27 Mrs B Fleetwood Gypsypoms I’Ve Got An Asbo By Abbeyleigh Excellent black male. Lovely silhouette. I love his short back and the length of his legs. Masculine head, very nice eyes of the right shape. Moving and standing like a Pomeranian that I want. Very good black colour and totally correct coat, there long overcoat. Very well presented. A true PomeranianDOG CC BOB and Best In Show.
2nd. 63 Miss A K Ogilvie Pakov’s Black Number JW Black bitch, nice type, but could be shorter in body. Nice head, but eyes too round. Good ears. The tail could be placed higher
Class 18  Special Orange (2 Entries)
1st. 22 J & E Chalmers & Smail Toybox The Karate Kid JW Orange male with nice general impression. Could be shorter in loin. Well placed tail. Nice head with very good eyes and ears of the right size and placement. Moving well. 
2nd52 Miss & Mrs Nixon Kazpom Just Be Coz Dark orange bitch, a bit long in body. Tail could be set higherVery nice head.
Class 19  Special Orange/sable (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st. 31 Mrs C Holman Kamis Mysticall Legend of BrooklynVery Second in Open Dog.
2nd39 I Johnstone Cairnpapple Surprise Second in Post Graduate Dog.
Class 20  Special A.O.C (2 Entries)
1st. 29 Mrs D L Hilliker Sunvelt Tavistock Nice cream, very nice head. Could be shorter in back. Very good coat of the correct type. Sound mover.
2nd. 46 Miss C M McDowall Degsy Meant to Be at Carberry Cream with excellent size. Short back. Very good head. Not in coat for today.
Class 21 – Stud dog (3 Entries)
1st. 35 Holman & Roberts Misteriya Del Esta Orion At Altina JW Nice type, but wouldprefer harsher coat. Nice head and expression, very good foreface. Well placed ears, very good pigment. Tail correct set.
2nd25 Mrs B Fleetwood Abbeyleigh Smarty Pom Wolf sable, a bit heavy in type. Standingvery well on his legs. Well placed tail. Well set ears of the right size.
Class 22 – Brood bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st. 20 Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy Lireva’s Flower Of Scotland Orange, compact shape. Did not have the coat for the day. High set tail. Very nice head. Credit to her age, soon 7 years.
2nd. 12 Mrs D Barr Degsy Star Turn Cream bitch on the bigger size. Nice head. Very good coat. Could be shorter in back.
Class 23 – Ellen Ballantyne Memoral Stake Open 
1st. 59 Miss A K Ogilvie Pakov’s I’M A Celebrity JW Frist in Open Dog 
2nd 14 Mrs A Cawthera-Purdy Lireva’s Tarquin Fly The Bear Second in Junior Dog

F.Nillson (Judge)

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