Special Award Classes at Scottish Pom Ch.Show, 2013

These classes were judged by Mr.Paul Williamson, Hon.Sec. of Pomeranian Club of No.Ireland
There were 9 entries per class. The steward was Andrew Stewart
Special Yearling:
1. Adamson’s Sylvids Thisaldoo
2.Carrigan’s Carripom Arizona
3.Flavell’s Hadleigh Mr.Wonderful
4.Ogilvie’s Pakov’s I’m A Celebrity JW
5.Breezelyn Love at First Bite

Post Graduate:
1.Ogilvie’s Pakov’s I’m So Pretty
2.Nixon’s Kazpom Just Be Coz
3.Carrigan’s Pakov’s Arizona
4.McDowall’s Degsy Star Attraction
5.Chalmers’ Earnpride Foxtrot

1.Ogilvie’s Ch.Degsy Star Man at Pakov
2.Carrigan’s Carripom Zacchariah ShCM
3.Ogilvie’s Ch.I’m Viva
4.Pike’s Ch. Breezelyn Dark’n’Dazzlin
5.Nixon’s Kazpom Code Name

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