James Newman’s Critique from May 2014 Championship Show

It was a really huge honour for my to award my 1st set of CC’s at the Scottish Pom Club a show which I have very fond memories over the years, I felt breed type varied a lot on the day with unsound movement and side profile movement was poor many poked and lost the classic pom shape on the move and correct mouths were a huge concern for me a day with many undershot A special and sincere Thank you to Kay Mc Dowall (Secretary)  and her fantastic committee so making me feel so welcome and of course the exhibitors who took my class placement in such a sporting manner. 


1stJohnstones  Cairnpapple  Surprise (3,0abs)

 Very Pretty Orange sable with Very Nice and lovely expression with small ear with short back in stance a lovely profile, I would prefer better movement both front and rear but a very showy and full of classic pom attitude loved to show.

2nd  Lee’s Moipom Silversmith

Another pretty puppy with lovely head nice and small ear in good coat and condition with excellent tailset preferred shape and type of winner in stance.

PD (3,0abs)

1st Lee’s Moipom Silversmith 2nd in PD as above

2ndKillick’s Travillon Hot Toddy

 Very showy orange puppy, in good coat and condition not the sweetest of heads Ear slightly big, could be shorter in back lacking a little body condition today. Good rear movement front needs to settle.

JD (5, 1 ABS)

1st  Smail’s Toybox The Karate Kid

This dog on entering the ring caught my eye with his outstanding shape on the move with that classic round ball shape with excellent lay back of shoulder super front with excellent head beautiful eye with his foxy expression, Excellent pigment shortest of backs with correct high tailset with good plume good coat quality and texture needs more coat to completely complete the picture Full of attitude pleasure to award him CC & BIS One to watch for the future

2ND  Hillick’s  Sunvelt Travistock

Very nice male of good quality nice head and expression   good shape in stance and on move preferred overall shape and balance of winner.

ND (3, 1 ABS)

1st  Killick’s Travillon Hot Toddy. (2NDinPD)

2ND  Barr’s Degsy  Heart Breaker

Very Pretty cream with excellent pigment, very showy full of pom attitude good head and expression  would prefer sound movement but full of breed type.
PGD (7, 2ABS)

1ST  Smail’s Toybox The Karate Kid. Winner 1stJD

2NDAdamson’s  Sylvids Thistle Do

 Very well balance male with good head and expression  short back with excellent tailset in super show condition very sound both front and rear, Full of  typical pom attitude.

LD (7 , 0 ABS)

1ST Smith Sueacres Unexpected Kisses

Very Nice well balanced in stance and on the move he holds his shape very well orange Sable pretty head and expression short back which gives him great shape sound movement Lacked a little attitude but Fantastic breed type RCC

2ND   Pope’s Keisyl  Has Soul

 Very interesting orange male  with good head shortest of backs good body  with super tailset in good coat of correct texture  and condition. Not as settled as winner on the move.


OD (4, 0abs)

1st Carrigan’s Ch Carripom Zachariah

Very Handsome orange boy with Classic head and expression full of breed type lovely cat like feet well-furnished legs in excellent coat of correct quality. In stance this dog really impressed me but on the move he lost his classic pom shape which made him look a shade long on the move in side profile and movement front and rear could have been better.

2nd Renoir Beautiful Brad of Travillon

Very interesting male from across the ring he is very correct super shape short back with perfect tailset in excellent show condition and  very sound both front and rear on the table his head let me down with small eye this really effected his expression for me.


VD (2,0)

1st Ogilive Pakov’s Gold Chip.

 Super 7 yr old boy in fantastic condition good coat lovely head with nice expression very well balance with short back and excellent tail placement with good cat like feet and good front and rear movement.

2nd  Mc Dowall Ch Carberry  Careless Banter

Also a lot to like about this male remember him as a younger dog slightly  bigger than winner but balanced with very pretty head and eye good spring of rib and in super condition for 10 yrs old a credit to owner for keeping him so fit.


MPB (4,0)

1ST  Smith’s Taa Palatis Under a Glass Moon

 Very Beautiful white with darkest of pigment beautiful head with correct shaped eye short back good rib Very well coated for age which gave  her an excellent shape in stance and also on the move. Needs to settle a little in front movement with Excellent angulation and strong rear movement with full of pom attitude  BP

2ND Ogilive Pakov’s  Black Number

Very Pretty Black with short back and very  compact, high tailset, lovely shape stood four square in stance and excellent shape on move with sound front and rear.
PB (4,0)

1ST  Smith’s Taa Palatis Under a Glass Moon

2ND  Cawthera- Purdy Lireva’s Teddy Bears Picnic

Really nice puppy lovely clear orange Nice shape and make with pretty head correct well placed ears good body with good spring of rib with high tailset with well funished plume Prefered shape in stance of winner
JB (6 ,1 abs)

2nd  Mc Dowall  Carberry  Tip Top

 Very nice cream sable with lovely head small well placed ear short back good body with well placed tail sound movement front and rear with correct tight feet, Not in the best of coat today but very balanced pretty girl.

2nd  Barr’s Degsey Magic Star

A lot to like about this girl very balanced with  good head nice overall shape in stance and on the movement would prefer better front a little close in Excellent coat and condition very showy and great attitude.


NB (1,0ABS)

1st  Barr’s Degsey Magic Star (above)


PGB (7,0 ABS)

1ST   Cawthera- Purdy Lireva’s Dancing for Gold

Super orange of good size with pretty head lovely shape in stance and held it on the move excellent body good front short back with good tail set. Sound front and rear movement full of classic pom attitude.

2nd  Wright Toybox Baby Blonde at Cerenko

Very nice pale orange with nice head shortest of backs with excellent spring of rib with correct front, very well  balanced loved her shape in stance very sound front and rear.

LB (7, 1 ABS) 

1STAdamson’s Veltuds Summer Lovin

Really like this girl on entering ring with her striking colour fantastic shape pretty head and expression would like smaller ear short back with good tailset in excellent show condition liked her movement loved her overall balanced showed very well.

2nd  Wright Toybox Dot Com

 These placed could have changed on the day really liked this girl too sweet head and expression  nice eye small well placed ear super shape with excellent coat and condition  preferred the front movement of winner.

OB (5, 1 ABS)

This was my toughest class of the day to judge with such quality exhibits so much to like about each of them but yet all different in type but yet correct.

1ST   Cawthera- Purdy Lireva’s Berry Shortcake

Caught my eye on entering ring and on table she didn’t disappoint me very much a dual pupose girl with her lovely head nice eye melting expression correct front and chest super body good rear angulations so sound on the move fantastic shape in stance with really good coat of quality CC RBIS  

2nd   Nixons Kazpoms Just Be Coz

 Super compact eye catching exhibit on first sighting with  really good head and expression good front nice cat like feet with  short back and good  coat of correct texture Good front movement didn’t settle on the move behind today but oozed pom to me and couldn’t deny  her RCC


VB (4, 3ABS)

1ST Mc Dowall  Carberry  Black Bramble

 almost 9 yrs old very nice black  in great condition pleasing head and expression quality girl with super breed type she had the biggest waist of the day but enjoyed her day out  showed well.
Sp OR OR Blk

1stAdamson’s  Sylvids Thistle Do Very

2nd   Ogilive Degsy Star

 Attraction Very Nice cream of good quality and type, nice fine bone with correct shape with good tailset good movement front and rear.


Special Orange

1st Wright Toybox Dot Com

2ndFlavell’s Hadleigh Mr Wonderful

Handsome  orange male with lovely shape in stance nice fine bone nice small cat like feet with super short back good rib nice head with small ear  in good coat of excellent quality would have preferred him to have sounder movement.

Special Orange Sable

 1st Ogilive Pakov’s Pernickity

 Really Nice Orange sable loved his head and expression nice small ear with short back  nice feet in good coat of quality super shape in stance and kept shape on move moved well front and rear.

2nd  Nixon Kazpom Code Name

 very similar in type to winner slightly bigger but well within standard a lot to like about this male good overall balance and shape moved well.
Special Any Other Colour

1stAdamson’s Veltuds Summer Lovin

2nd  Hillick’s  Sunvelt Travistock


Stud Dog (1,0abs)

1st Barr Degsy Little Star

Nice male not really my type but had a pretty head nice eye and small ear would have liked him to be shorter in back good spring of rib in good condition and  showed well with good attention to handler.

Brood Bitch (4,1abs)

1st  Adamson Veltuds Black Tara Very nice 4 yrs old black of quality with great breed type good size  lovely type and balance, good overall shape with good movement both front and rear.

2ND Barr Degsy Star Turn up to size cream a little plain in head for me lovely colour and in excellent condition tail set a little low and movement could be sounder

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